Surprise Elopement in St Louis

Making the decision to get married is not something to take lightly.  The words that I speak during the Opening Words are clear, "Marriage is a partnership freely chosen and founded on friendship, trust and respect.  A partnership that encourages open communication, self-expression, the sharing of knowledge, and a zest for life."

Tiffany and Corey have this partnership and decided NOW was the time to make their love LEGAL in their eyes and the eyes of their family and friends - and the government - who, as we know make life easier for taxes, health insurance, and more.

Find a Cake - Make a Date - Elope for $50 !!

Tiffany saw my campaign on Pinterest and she wanted to have the elopement in Forest Park at the World's Fair Pavilion at a Cakeway to the West.

World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park
As you can see, this is a great location for an elopement or renewal of vows for any couple looking for a unique way to celebrate their love.

TIP: Be careful when choosing a Cakeway to the West #stl250 because depending on the date, time and location the site could be FLOODED with people and parking can be a hassle.

Tiffany and Corey decided to SURPRISE their mothers who thought they were coming to Forest Park to take photographs of the happy couple/family.  When they arrived at the World's Fair Pavilion, we were dodging the Park Ranger for illegal parking and trying to survive through traffic of the Car Show that was taking place on Easter Sunday - like I said, be careful when choosing a cake to tie the knot.

Corey + Tiffany + Corey Jr = Happy Family
Well, there were a few more surprises in store for me as well.  The couple FORGOT to bring the Marriage License.  Trying to keep the ceremony a secret, it did not cross their mind to bring it.

No worries - we went with it and I performed the short, sweet and simple ceremony.  Since I had another wedding after this I agreed to meet them at a neutral place in their neighborhood as it was not far from my day of weddings.

When deciding where to meet, we came up with the Compton Heights Water Tower located near Interstate 44 (I-44) and Grand Boulevard.  Realizing what could have been a much less stressful day of large crowds and cars, I knew there was a Cakeway to the West on this location.  No crowds, beautiful sunshine and a cool cake too !!  Oh well, such is life.

Find a Cake - Make a Date - Elope for $50 !!

Compton Heights Water Tower in St Louis MO
Cakeway to the West

Off White Indie Wedding Show

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Downtown St Louis

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