Wedding Officiant FAQ

What is your price?

My fee is based on distance from my home and averages $120 to $180.

I am having an Intimate Wedding, is the cost the same?

The cost to perform your wedding is not based on the number of guests, but the distance and time it takes for me to arrive and perform the ceremony.  No matter how short and sweet it is.

What are the minimum requirements?

You must provide a Marriage License and two witnesses, but you do not have to know them.

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely! I also provide a list of vows that are used in a 'repeat after me' format.

Do we meet before the ceremony?

We are not required to meet in person.
If we do, you come to my home in Kirkwood.

Do you come to the rehearsal?

I do not attend a rehearsal, but we do rehearse over the phone 24-48 hours before the event.
If I am hired to Coordinate the Ceremony, I do attend the rehearsal.

Is there a deposit to hold the date?  Do you have an agreement?

My fee is due in CASH when I arrive, so there is no deposit or retainer fees.
You are required to fill out a Confirmation Form and I respond with an Email Confirmation.
The Email Confirmation is considered our agreement.

What do you wear at the ceremony?

I usually wear a black pants outfit, but not a robe.

What can we do to make the ceremony last longer?

You can add parts to the ceremony like a love poem, scripture reading, or prayer.
We discuss these details on the phone.
You can symbolize your union with a unity candle, sand, roses etc.
These choices to add MUST be discussed and approved by Carolyn Burke.

What happens if you become unavailable due to illness or conflict?

In the 8 years of performing ceremonies, I have needed to find a substitute only a few times.
I provide a substitute to perform the same ceremony or you have the option to find someone else.

Do you have any special deals or features?

If you come to Kirkwood, MO my fee is $50.
I live in Kirkwood and can help you find a location such as a park or restaurant that will accommodate your style and capacity.
I can also coordinate your wedding ceremony.
Contact us for more information on my services.

St Charles County Outdoor Sites

Two weddings in one day - both have unique moments.  The first was at noon at Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta.  The bride and groom were planning a nice event outside - if only it wasn't raining.  The staff at the winery was not prepared with a contingency plan and the couple was clue-less as well.

We decided to have it under a tent that was set up on a terrace deck.  Staff scrambled to set up chairs, an extension cord for a CD player, and beverages afterwards.

Once we were ready, a young adult started to sing the infamous song, "At Last" using kareoke.  It was sweet to say the least. 

The groom became overwhelmed when it came time for him to "repeat after me" the vows.  I am sure the rain and being married for the first time at 50 years had a lot to do with his feelings at the moment.  I left under the uncertainty of whatever happened next.  I was not sure where the food or reception area was and I had no time to find out.

I headed down the country roads of St. Charles County - heading north to Foristell, Missouri to perform a ceremony in a new park, Indian Camp Creek.  Yahoo! Maps gave me an easy route that kept me on small county roads versus traveling up a highway.  I was making good time and saw that I was traveling the "back way" from what family and guests would have used to get there.

The afternoon cleared up and it became a beautiful day!  I approached the completion of what was a TREE that had blocked the road that I was traveling on.  I was grateful that I was not TRAPPED.  The groom gave me an address that had the right road, but not the right address - it was the address of the park office, not the park itself.

I scrambled here and there and ended up driving back to the people who were removing the tree.  They told me the right way, and I was able to make at exactly 2:00pm - the time that the ceremony was to begin !!!  Adventure indeed.


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