Renewal of Vows Ceremony

What is a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?
A renewal of vows ceremony is both a reaffirmation and renewal. Couples are deciding to renew their vows more often than in the past. You are celebrating the blessings of being in love and staying together.

There are many reasons for you to renew your wedding vows.  Perhaps you eloped, or were united in the courthouse by a justice of the peace.  Now you want a REAL ceremony.

Some couples renew their vows to coincide with other special life events like the birth of a child, the recovery of a serious illness, or landmark wedding anniversaries. Sometimes, the renewal is a time to acknowledge the victory of reuniting after a time of separation.  They can be the setting of a family reunion.

Renewal of Marriage Ceremonies may contain the following sections:

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Acknowledgement of Children of the Marriage
  • Reading
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Re-Dedication of Rings
  • Words from Previous Wedding Guests
  • Closing Words

It is a time to honor each other with revitalized commitment, taking a fresh look at each other with appreciation for all you mean to each other.  A renewal of vows ceremony can be formal, or as casual as you wish.

Who Hosts the Renewal Ceremony?
Sometimes, the children host a renewal of vows for their parents.  Mostly, couples host their own celebration.  Carolyn Burke can manage your celebration by pulling together an itinerary, confirming commitments and double-checking the details.

Renew Your Vows in Style
Choosing Your Ceremony Site
The style of the celebration to renew your vows will reflect your reason for deciding to reaffirm your love connection with each other.  Consider having your reaffirmation celebration at a place where you share special memories.  You can have a private ceremony with only the two of you, a select few guests or a big party inviting the whole network of those who support you.  Carolyn Burke STL has information on locations, musicians, and more to assist in your planning.

Carolyn Burke STL can provide ideas and resources for any married couple that wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony.

Your Unique Ceremony
The renewal of marriage vows ceremony can be put together by you!  Just as no two married couples are the same, no two ceremonies to renew marriage vows will ever be the same.

An officiant can conduct your renewal of marriage vows ceremony but will not be acting in any official capacity.

Carolyn Burke knows experienced officiants who have conducted many different renewal of marriage vows ceremonies; be sure to ask their advice on anything you are unsure about.

If you have your original vows, these also can be used in the renewal ceremony.  It is also an occasion when a married couple "upgrade" their wedding rings now that they can afford to do so.

Special people in your lives can take part in your renewal of marriage vows ceremony, your children, guests who were at the wedding and any friends and relatives.

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