Date, Time and Location

What are the steps to book a ceremony with a Wedding Officiant?
St Louis, MO

First Step: Do you have a favorite date in mind?
Perhaps a time of year or season? Maybe the answer is NOW or last minute (elopement).
Coming up with a date is a priority when booking an officiant.
It is obvious that we need to be available to perform the ceremony.

Second Step: What time of day appeals to you?
Be creative. If you choose earlier in the day, you can celebrate with a brunch.
Afternoons are the most popular. Some couples choose close to a meal time to have the ceremony so guests can eat following the service.  My favorite is in the evening - close to sunset - which some say is the best time of day for great photography.

Third Step: Location, Location, Location.
Believe it or not, this can be the hardest of the three to plan or decide on.  Inside or outside? Too big or too small? In a private or public space? If this last step seems too cumbersome, we can give you a few tips or hire us to help you Find A Venue.

All of these steps are not necessarily needed before calling a wedding professional.
If you are flexible, we can work together on making sure to make your marriage legal while performing a short, sweet and simple ceremony that is meaningful and special.

CONTACT US TODAY with your questions and ideas.

Elope Now and Party Later

The NYC Times published an article about a new trend in weddings: couples who elope, then celebrate with a reception-like party afterward.

New York Times Article: Elope Now, Party Later

The story reveals the pros and cons of eloping.  PRO : an elopement is quick and easy and generally costs less than a traditional wedding.  CON: You will also have to deal with family members who might feel cheated out of a celebration.

This “elope now, party later” idea is the perfect compromise. The couple gets the secluded ceremony they crave (or can afford), and they can host a more laid-back party or even let friends and family throw a get-together for them.

Would you consider eloping, then celebrating after the fact?

Do you have any friends who’ve gotten married this way?

Let us know how it went in the comments!

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