Bixby’s at Missouri History Museum
5700 Lindell Boulevard  63112
(314) 361-7313

The newly renovated restaurant space on the second floor of the Missouri History Museum can be booked after hours for your next event.  They provide a variety of culinary diversity with sweeping views of Forest Park and a contemporary atmosphere.  Bixbys can accommodate 50 – 150 guests.

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony or Reception

Planning an outdoor wedding can be lots of fun. An outdoor setting offers one of the most romantic and sensual locations for celebrating your special day. Remember to keep it simple and elegant.

Below you will find suggestions on how to achieve the ultimate outdoor wedding of your dreams.

* Use varying shades of one color accented with white or cream to create a very visual and striking combination.

* Use lots of delicate fabrics. Solid table linens with vintage overlays purchased at flea markets can make an unforgettable statement.

* Buffet-style catering with large clear glass jugs of lemonade, punch and sweet tea add whimsy.

* Keep the menu simple. Grilling favorites are an easy and affordable way to go.

* Decorate tall trees with lights. Hand-write placards then tie them with a ribbon and hang from the trees for the guests to pick.

* A trellis decorated with ivy, Spanish moss and fresh flowers is the perfect focal point for your ceremony. If possible, use the trellis for the reception by placing the cake table underneath it.

* Use a floral topper for the wedding cake instead of a traditional cake topper.

* Set up a birdbath. Have guests make special wishes for you and your spouse by throwing pennies or flower petals into the birdbath.

* String white lights around trees and across from one tree to the next.

* Using a favorite theme, give each table a name. i.e. Butterfly, Dragonfly, Lightning Bug, Lady Bug, etc.

* Use chair covers and tie with a white sash. Before the sash is tied, place a single flower bud in each knot. Roses are a strong flower and work well for this.

* Keep your invitations simple. Choose hand-made paper with pressed flower petals and a velum overlay tied with a coordinating ribbon. It does a great job setting the tone of the wedding for guests.

* Use a rectangular table for the head table. Decorate it with tulle and mini white lights. Use flowers on the corners and area where the tulle is bunched up.

* Large mason jars filled with sand and tea lights make great additions to tables or pathways. They can even be wrapped in heavy wire and hung from trees.

Article Written By Tara L. Lazar

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