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Our Most Popular Package - Coordinate Only at the Ceremony
Package Starts at $400

This service is made for the couple who has a ceremony site that does not have an on-site coordinator for the ceremony. The location may have a contact person, manager, or custodian but there is no actual ASSISTANCE or COORDINATION.

Carolyn Burke | Ceremony Coordinator
Is your friend or relative the wedding officiant, but they have little experience with the ceremony?
Do they need some guidance with filing the marriage license and running the rehearsal?

Does your religious site (church, synagogue, chapel) have a person, but the site may only have 3 or 4 weddings a year?
Do you need help with the set up of the aisle runner, unity candle, floral, pew bows, guest book or other props?
Is someone greeting guests as they arrive - making sure attendants and ushers are doing their part?

You want someone with EXPERIENCE.

  • Processional and Recessional Logistics | Usher Training
  • Oversee Placement and Manage All Elements for the Ceremony
  • Coordinate the Rehearsal | Assist Your Wedding Minister/Officiant
  • Work with Ceremony Vendors to Coordinate Installation Strategy and Plans
  • Set-up/Clean-up at the Ceremony Site

Carolyn Burke | Officiant | Coordinator 314.821.4844

Ceremony Coordination at the Jewel Box

Hire A Ceremony Coordinator for the Jewel Box in Forest Park
Top Five Reasons

Number One
Couples have only 90 minutes to use the facility.
Most ceremony venues offer twice that number averaging 2-4 hours.

Number Two
Rehearsal date and time can be inconvenient
Usually on a weekday (Tues. Wed.) between 4pm and 6pm for 30 minutes.
Normal rehearsal time at a facility is one hour.
Without a Ceremony Coordinator - how do you get it right without all the stress?
Who actually runs the rehearsal?
You could have the rehearsal at another location with a date and time that is more convenient.

Special Rate
Coordinate the Ceremony Only at the Jewel Box
Super Liaison
Perform the Ceremony and Coordinate
Only at the Jewel Box

Number Three
Park Management can be difficult to communicate with.
They do not offer much advice, assistance or insight to the facility.
A friendly janitor is there for set up of the chairs, but then quickly hides in the back room only to be available in an emergency.

Number Four
Family or friends would be responsible for adhering the aisle runner to the floor, accepting and distributing the floral delivery, and other set up details in a 20-minute window of time.
Do you want to put that kind of stress on your family and friends?

Number Five
Chairs face the FRONT DOORS of the Jewel Box due to the entrance of the wedding party.
A ceremony coordinator makes sure all guests are present with a sign on the front door leading late guests to the back door.

    Carolyn Burke - Wedding Liaison arrives early with your props and decorations.  We provide ice cold water, a bridal emergency kit, mints/candy while you are waiting or getting ready.  Carolyn knows the ins and outs of where the electric outlets are. She knows where to set up items like the unity candle, guest book and how to adhere the aisle runner using white stage tape.  She can run a rehearsal at The Jewel Box or an alternate location like your rehearsal dinner site.

    REVIEWS of past Jewel Box couples.

    Special Rates
    Coordinate the Ceremony Only at the Jewel Box
    Super Liaison
    Perform the Ceremony (Officiate) and Coordinate
    Only at the Jewel Box

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