Roses to Mothers

A simple, yet nice way to symbolize your union as a couple during a wedding ceremony is to offer roses to mothers, grandmothers, and other special persons in your life.  This is usually done after the vows to symbolize the coming together of two families and the blending of all involved.  I have a favorite passage that I use regularly.

"Marriage is a coming together of two lives, and a celebration of the love of two people.  But it is more...Today, as [name and name] embrace one another in their love, they also embrace the families which have come together to celebrate this happy occasion. [name and name] will now offer roses to their mothers [names of mothers]."

Chatillon - DeMenil House - It's Back!

Chatillon - DeMenil House
3352 DeMenil Place in Benton Park
(314) 771-5828

This venue was closed for a couple of years, but now it's back in business and offering a beautiful outdoor garden gazebo and indoor / outdoor carriage house for up to 150 guests.  The facility now allows a preferred list of catering companies to fit any budget or cuisine.
Chatillon DeMenil Gazebo

Carriage House
The Chatillion-DeMenil House Foundation have done some renovation and sprucing up with new carpeting, restrooms, and a prep kitchen.

You can have the ceremony at the gazebo or an intimate ceremony for 30 guests in the parlor.  The carriage house is air conditioned for up to 75 guests and includes a covered patio for additional seating.

There is a private bridal suite available inside the house.

Rental fees start at $600.  Contact the Foundation for more information on availability and pricing.


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