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City Hall Rotunda
1200 Market Street and Tucker
Downtown St. Louis
(314) 589-6640

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Saint Louis City Hall

This french-styled building was inspired by the Hotel de Ville or City Hall of Paris. The square rotunda is very unique and its central interior feature is a white marble rotunda, about 100 feet square, with a colored glass skylight above and a marble grand staircase.   

St Louis City Hall for a Wedding Ceremony
The space must be scheduled so that normal business hours are not interrupted   Not a problem for a Saturday or Sunday event.  There is no air conditioning and the catering company will not have use of a kitchen.

The Ceiling of the City Hall Rotunda - Unforgettable
Fees range from $150 to $1,200 depending on whether or not the space is used for a ceremony and/or reception.  There are many pros and cons to this location.  I prefer to recommend it as a non-religious site for a wedding ceremony.  Parking is not included and party rentals must be rented. 

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