Who's Who in the Wedding Party : Part Five of Five

Who knew planning a wedding would be akin to staging a major Broadway production? To help out with your co-directorial debut, I have prepared a cross-section of the wedding day cast of characters. (Keep in mind that most roles can be played by either gender, and by as many people as you want.)

This the LAST part in five parts. Hurray !!

Candles at the Ceremony
Candle Lighting
Ushers or other designated people light the candelabras and candles located in the altar area of the ceremony when the prelude music begins about 15-20 minutes before the ceremony begins.  Also, in some Christian ceremonies, candles are lit at the altar just before the mother of the bride (see below) is seated. Candle lighters may dress like the wedding party or not. Another choice is to let the parents or the mothers of the bride and groom light the two tapers of the unity candle which usually occurs right after the mother-of-the-bride walks down the aisle.

Wedding Officiant - St Louis
The cleric or city official who performs the marriage ceremony. Examples include a priest, a rabbi, a minister, a wedding officiant or a justice of the peace.

Wedding Ceremony Attendants
Very Important Extras
Very important extras who act as readers, singers, poets, or party aides. A VIE can also serve as guest book captain (makes sure all guests sign), program passer, bubbles/rice/petals, confetti assistant, tradition bearer (walks down the aisle toting a family heirloom or heritage symbol), or etiquette guru (fields all guest questions that begin with, "Is it okay if...").

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