Why Hire a Ceremony Coordinator?

Hiring a professional wedding coordinator for the wedding ceremony to organize and manage details can save your sanity.  In a national wedding survey 75% of recently married couples who did not use a wedding coordinator for their wedding said that if they had to do it over again, they would hire a ceremony coordinator to assist with the planning and be on hand to supervise the wedding.

Forty-nine percent reported that if they could only change a thing about the entire wedding, this would be the one thing they would do differently.

It makes sense that this would be the case – coordinating a wedding is a HUGE job, and it’s impossible to know how huge it is until you’re knee-deep in wedding planning and stressed out.  It’s no wonder most people end up wishing they had some experienced help with all the details!  Your most important “job” for the wedding day is to enjoy it, and celebrate with your new spouse, family, and friends.  How much easier that would be with a ceremony coordinator on hand to handle all of the details, as the main contact for all ceremony service providers, and troubleshoot when required, leaving you free to enjoy every precious minute of the monent!

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