Jewel Box Wedding Ceremony in Forest Park

Having a wedding ceremony at the Jewel Box requires a lot of planning.  Couples are given 90 minutes to show up, decorate, perform the ceremony, release the guests for a grand exit, and still have time for formal portraits with family members. There is no coordinator present, just someone to open the doors, set up the chairs - a custodian.

Carolyn Burke - Wedding Liaison has been a Ceremony Coordinator and/or Wedding Officiant at The Jewel Box many times and knows the tricks of the trade.

Wedding Liaison

Super Liaison

Jewel Box in Forest Park Wedding Ceremony
The facility is heated and air conditioned and decorated for the season.  Check with the Parks Division to be sure there is not limited parking near the Jewel Box due to a large special event like a marathon or festival.

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Jewel Box Wedding in Forest Park
                      Saturdays   12:00pm-1:30pm   2:00pm-3:30pm   4:00pm-5:30pm
                      Sundays      3:00pm-4:30pm    5:00pm-6:30pm   7:00pm-8:30pm
                      Mon-Fri       5:00pm-6:30pm    7:00pm-8:30pm

For information about having a wedding ceremony or receptions at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, call the Parks Division at 314-289-5389.

Ceremony Coordinator
Coordinate the Ceremony Only at the Jewel Box
Attend the Rehearsal and Choreograph the Processional
Set Up and Clean Up

Super Liaison
Perform the Ceremony (Officiate) 
Attend the Rehearsal and Choreograph the Processional
Coordinate the Details of the Event
Set Up and Clean Up at the Jewel Box

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