St Louis Surprise Wedding

How to Have a Surprise Wedding for Your Friends and Family

I have performed surprise wedding ceremonies and elopements for couples in several different ways.

Invite people to your home or special place. Come up with a special reason to have the 'party'. My favorite occurred on the rooftop of the Vin de Set restaurant in Lafayette Square (St Louis).

Surprise Wedding at the Vin de Set Restaurant
The couple reserved the space for a small group - up to 50 guests.  I showed up and the three of us stood in the center of the space. The groom picked up a glass and a spoon and clinked the side of the glass to gain the attention of their guests.  The surprise came next and they exchanged their vows.

Another location to have a surprise elopement is at the Gateway Arch in downtown St Louis.

Elope at the Gateway Arch in St Louis
This couple had an elopement where they picked up their two witnesses and told them what was going to happen as they drove to their destination.  

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