Favorite Wedding Vows

Most couples feel that their wedding vows are the most important part of the service.  As the Wedding Officiant, I let my couples choose vows from a list I provide, they can mix and match the words, or they can recite their own vows.  The list I provide has nine choices.

As I looked back at last year's ceremonies, I tallied which ones were the most popular. There is no surprise that the number one choice is the most traditional.

First Place

I, [ Name ], take you, [ Name ],  To be my wedded [wife/husband/partner].
To have and to hold,  From this day forward, For better or worse,  For richer or poorer, 
In sickness and in health, To love and to cherish, Till death do us part.

Second Place

[ Name ], I want you to be my [wife/husband/partner], and my one true love. 
I will trust you and honor you.  I will laugh with you and cry with you. 
Through the best and the worst, Through the difficult and the easy. 
What may come, I will always be there. 
As I have given you my hand to hold, So I give you my life to keep.

Third Place

[ Name ], as we face the future together,  I promise to stand by your side, 
To share and support   Your hopes, dreams and goals. 
When you fall, I will catch you.   When you cry, I will comfort you. 
When you laugh, I will share your joy.  
Everything I am and everything I have is yours.
From this moment forth, I choose to share my life with you.

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