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Send out Christmas Cards!  You and your fiancĂ© took some beautiful engagement pictures and it is a shame to keep them to yourself.  So why not send out Save-the Date Christmas Cards. Make sure it is OK with your chosen photographer and use one of the quick and easy ways such as SHUTTERFLY, WALGREENS PHOTOS and many others to upload, design, print, and even mail them out!

Save the Date Cards are announcements that inform your guests of your future wedding in order to keep your special day free on their calendar.

Sample of Save the Date

They are essential in the following situations if:
  • Many of your guests are traveling to your wedding
  • Your wedding takes place on or around a holiday
  • You are planning a destination wedding (to St. Louis)
  • Your wedding will take place in a seasonally busy or tourist locale, where the flights and hotels perhaps book up early
Save the Date cards are generally sent at least 4-6 months prior to your wedding.  For seasonally busy or on or around a holiday it is best to send them 9-12 months in advance.  Your guests will then have ample time to make all the necessary arrangements needed to be a part of your special celebration and may even extend it into a vacation of their own.

Use your imagination - Save the Date Cards are not meant to be formal.  There are many design options available.  You can have them match your wedding invitations, post card size, you can add a picture of you and your fiancĂ©, or embellishments to add a personal touch.

Here are some guidelines on what your cards should state:

~  Your names
~  Date of wedding
~  City or town and state of where wedding will take place

Also, because Save the Date Cards are still a recent trend.  Many that have not attended a wedding recently may mistake them for the actual invitation.  Be sure to include something along the lines of, "Invitation to Follow", "Invitation and Details to Follow", "Invitation Will Follow".  This is usually placed at the bottom of the card.

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