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St Louis Wedding Consultant
St Louis MO
Metro East IL
How long have your been in business?
I have been coordinating weddings since 1999.

I have been an officiant since 2005.

Is this your full time job? 
Yes; my clients are my first priority. 

Do you charge for the initial meeting? 
No, our first meeting is complimentary.

How many weddings do you plan a year?
How many weddings do you perform in a year?
I coordinate 9-12 events in a year. I like to keep things personal.
In 2017, I performed 190+ wedding ceremonies.

Do you ever book two events in one day? 
As an officiant - YES - since I'm short, sweet and simple.
As a ceremony coordinator - NO - that's just CRAZY!!

Do you accept commissions or kickbacks from the vendors you work with? 
Never; all vendor discounts are passed on directly to my clients. 

My friend had a coordinator who bossed around the vendors; will you be doing that? 
No; I am a firm believer in team work to create a seamless event. A collective group of industry professionals is what creates a memorable and stress-free wedding. 

What is your educational background? 
I am an Accredited Bridal Consultant™ and one of less than 75 worldwide to hold this prestigious designation.  I had to pass a portfolio review; attend several business seminars, webinars and networking events; and receive recommendations from clients and other wedding professionals.  I believe that continuing education and being a mentor to others is the key to staying abreast of current trends and making them work for my couples.

Do you work with LGBTQ couples? 
Yes; I support Marriage Equality, and recommend wedding professionals that do as well. 
Go to GayInStLouis.com for more resources.

Do you do events other than weddings? 

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